1.We will strive constantly to comply with environmental laws and regulations, guidelines from industry associations, and regional agreements; to listen carefully to relevant parties such as our customers and affiliated companies; and to set high targets to minimize environmental burden.

2.We will recognize and strive proactively to achieve the following four important tasks during business activities:

1) We aim to contribute to the prevention of global warming and the building of a low carbon society as a priority for Aichi Corporation and

- To accelerate the development of technologies and products with better energy saving performance throughout the entire product life cycle.

- To minimize energy use in all activities at our plants, and achieve considerable reductions in CO2emissions.

2) To build a recycling society, we aim

- To pursue the development of products that make the maximum effective use of resources.

- To minimize use of resources and perform production activities that do not generate unnecessary material.

3) To reduce environmental risks and build a society in harmony with nature, we will

- Strive to replace chemicals with environmental impact in our products with substances that are kinder to the environment.

- Strive to perform production activities that do not generate substances with an environmental burden, minimize environmental risks, and prevent pollution.

4) To promote environmental management (conservation of biodiversity, nurturing of environmentally conscious personnel), we will

- Evaluate and identify the impacts of our business activities on biodiversity, and implement initiatives based on the results.

- Strive to nurture environmentally conscious personnel able to undertake environmental initiatives spontaneously, and promote awareness-raising activities to broaden the reach of our initiatives from staff to their families and local communities.

3.We will review our environmental guidelines constantly, set and implement objectives and targets, monitor and evaluate results and report them to senior management, and construct an environmental management system leading to the next environmental guidelines.

4.We will value communication and partnership with a wide range of stakeholders including our customers, clients, shareholders and investors, the government, NGOs/NPOs, and people in local communities; and we will actively participate in local and global environmental protection efforts as a corporate citizen.

5.We will make everyone working in our organization aware of our environmental guidelines and publish them for ordinary people to see.

June 2016


Osamu Miura